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CariVu for Early Caries Detection

Caries from the Latin for “rottenness” sometimes referred to as tooth decay or cavities, are not always easy to spot. With the new CariVu technology small or minor areas of decay in between your teeth are uncovered. This allows dentists to treat them when they are small therefore preserving more of your tooth structure.

CariVu as a 2nd Opinion

The inability to detect caries clearly can lead dentists to go over or under treating a problem area. With the CariVu transillumination technology, Doctors have a 2nd opinion available with an accurate result. When a problem area is unclear through traditional radiography, CariVu can take more defining look. Transillumination clearly displays difficult to examine caries in the early stages of decay or interproximal (inbetween) decay allowing our dentists to confidently determine the next steps in your dental plan. It has been our experience with Cariview that many areas of decay that do not show up on traditional X-rays at all are found with this technology-truly advanced!

What makes CariVu unique


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