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Straighten Your Teeth in Manhattan

Woman with traditional bracesThe benefits of properly-aligned teeth go beyond the cosmetic. When teeth line up the way they should, they are easier to clean, which lessens your risk of decay and gum disease. There is also reduced stress on the TMJ, or jaw joint. And, of course, straight teeth just look better. At Dental Serenity of Manhattan, we offer traditional braces and Invisalign for patients of all ages. Patients in and around Manhattan and the Greater New York area are invited to schedule an appointment and learn more today!


Woman in dental chair with bracesDentofacial Orthodontics

Correcting the alignment of a patient’s smile through traditional orthodontic treatment is one matter, but guiding the shape of their jaw structure to create a more pleasing match to the results is quite another. At Dental Serenity of Manhattan, our highly trained doctors are proud to offer dentofacial orthodontics to those in need of a true transformation. Treatment usually consists of multiple components (surgery and then braces, for example) and our goal will be to both elevate the aesthetic quality of your face and correct any functional abnormalities that may be present. Both children and adults can undergo dentofacial orthodontic treatment!


Smiling woman with braces outdoorsOrthodontics

Traditional metal braces have long been trusted to improve misaligned teeth. They are usually the most affordable orthodontic option, and conventional braces offer predictable, beautiful results. Teens love the fact that they can choose the color of their braces and accessories.

With traditional braces, metal brackets are securely bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Wires threaded through the brackets place pressure on different parts of the bite throughout treatment. After about 18 months, on average, treatment is complete and the teeth have been successfully realigned.

Braces require special cleaning techniques, and proper brushing and flossing are crucial during orthodontic treatment. Our team will provide instructions on hygiene and eating to help you keep your braces whole and functioning properly. After treatment is complete, a retainer holds the teeth into the proper position for long-lasting results.


Patient placing Invisalign trayInvisalign®

For patients who prefer more privacy throughout their orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers the answer. These clear aligners are made out of smooth, nearly invisible polyurethane plastic. By placing focused pressure on different teeth throughout treatment, Invisalign gradually repositions the alignment of the bite just like conventional braces.

Invisalign treats most cases, including:

In addition to being practically invisible, Invisalign trays are also removable for increased convenience. You can continue eating as you please throughout treatment, and brushing and flossing are as easy as before when you can take out your braces. Simply wear your aligners for the recommended 20 to 22 hours each day, switching to a new set every two weeks, and gradually work your way to a straighter, more beautiful smile.


Woman with straight teeth in dental chairSix Month Smiles

When crooked front teeth cause cosmetic issues rather than functional ones, Six Month Smiles provides an accelerated route to a straighter smile. Tooth-colored brackets and wires focus on moving the teeth that show when you smile — the social six — to improve the way they look. But that doesn’t mean it’s more uncomfortable than traditional braces. Six Month Smiles uses low force, and is an excellent option for people over the age of 16 with crooked front teeth.

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